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Kristin has been performing since she graced the stages of St. James Elementary School as a very unlikely Cinderella in the third grade. Since then she’s been in national commercials, played a hooker on TV, and lent her voice to numerous films. Here’s some of her work.


2019 crept up on me, but looping is in full swing. Started the year off  with Dolly Parton’s Heartstrings, an anthology for Netflix coming this year! And was so fortunate to work on an episode of the upcoming Grand Hotel, which will premiere this summer on ABC. And YouTube’s WAYNE is killing it!! Over 10 million views… check it out here if you haven’t already… don’t be left out of all that water cooler talk.

2018 has been full of great shows, pilots, and projects. Check them out below…

WAYNE– coming to YouTube Premium January 2019. Watch the trailer HERE.

LORE– Amazon’s original collective nightmare mythologies based on real-life horror stories.

Loved!! Working on the reboot of CHARMED for the CW. Stream all episodes here

Had such an amazing experience on ABC’s The Crossing, but unfortunately it did not get renewed for Season 2. Sadness…

And got to work on a few episodes of Fox’s Ghosted and the iconic, Grey’s Anatomy. Thank you Hollywood Babble On! 







2017 was a good year, as I had the pleasure of working on end of the first season of DAMNATION for USA, Speechless for ABC, more episodes of Silicon Valley for HBO, and an amazing new pilot The Crossing for ABC. Check them out!!  check out these movies/shows that I’ve had the pleasure of working on… Thanks to PROADR looping,  HOLLYWOOD BABBLE ON, and The Final Word for bringing me into the loop–pun intended!


one of my favorite shows on tv. amazing.
one of my favorite shows on tv. good times had by all.
FUN working on the Season Finale!
FUN working on the Season Finale!
God’s Not Dead 2. Great project, good people, amazing message. Thank you!
amazing to work on my extremely talented friend Cindy Appel's @csappel episode!
so fortunate to work on my extremely talented friend Cindy Appel’s @csappel episode!






Unfortunately we had to say goodbye to IMPASTOR. Thanks for an amazing 2 seasons!! Still want to see it? Click below.

watch it, follow it, love it HERE

 #ImpressMe got picked up by PopTV– watch Kristin’s episode Wed, March 25th 10:30pm and Sunday March 29th! http://youtu.be/aRIO7sHsB50

Kristin in 2 episodes of The Flipside by SoulPancake





voice over/looping resume

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